August Favourites

Hey guys,

It has been a while since my last blog post, so I thought I would do an August favourites. I will try to do this every month. There are a few things I want to share with you. I’ll tell you what music I have been listening to, what fashion trends or clothing items I have been loving, what movies/series I’ve been watching and I’ll talk about some beauty products.

Let’s talk fashion first, because who doesn’t love fashion? 😛
August wasn’t really sunny this year where I live. It rained almost every day… This meant that I had wear more cardigans and jackets. But because it is still summer (technically), I wanted to wear more brighter colours.
I have this blazer from Zara that I absolutely love ❤ It is bright yellow and has a bit of a 60s edge to it. It has a Peter Pan collar and the sleeves are a bit longer than three quarter sleeves.
I would just wear it with a more simpler outfit, because the blazer itself is more of a statement item.


Beauty products
The Maybelline fit me anti-shine foundation stick. This is a foundation stick with medium coverage. it has a creamy texture to it, which makes it feel light and nice on the skin. The stick is available in many different shades. If you have a lighter skin, you should get the colours in de hundreds. If you have a medium skin colour, you should have the ones in the twohundreds. Than if you have a darker skin, like me, you can choose from the ones in the threehundreds. I use the darkest one, called coconut moka, the number is 355.
The foundation stick has an anti-shine centre. This makes your skin look flawless. With this foundation I feel like I don’t have to wear any powder. This also makes it look more natural and not that cakey.
I could go on and on about this product, but to come to a conclusion: I heart it!


The next beauty product that I’ve been loving in the month of August is the NYX Box of smokey look collection. I’ve had this eyeshadow palette for so long, but I feel like I have been using it the most this last August. I am not so in to the shimmery colours, but because most of the colours are more natural, I don’t mind some shimmer. If you are into the smokey eyes, this palette is something for you. You can choose from the gray shades, the purple smokey, the bronze smokey or the nudes.  I would say that this palette is soutable for everyone. Also, you can use it throughout the whole year.
The palette doesn’t only have eyeshadow. In the bottom you can find lipsticks and concealers, which I actually have never used, and under the eyeshadows are three blushes, a two bronzer, a highlighter and an eyeliner.


There are a few songs that I have been listening to non-stop.
The first song is a song by Bo Saris, called Little Bit More. Bo Saris is a singer from my hometown, who won the second season of Idols in the Netherlands. He has such good song, you should all listen to them!

The other song I have been listening to is Right Here from Jess Glynne.


TV shows and Movies

I have been watching a lot of series this August. Many new ones, but also ones I had already seen. This last month I rediscovered How I Met Your Mother. I had already seen almost every episode from it, but I couldn’t remember where I left off. Sooo, what I did is start all over again. From the beginning… And I still love it!

The movie that I’ve watched multiple times last month is Divergent. It’s about this girl Tris who lives in a world devided in factions. She doesn’t really fit into any of them, because she is divergent. Divergents are seen as a threat to society, and that’s why they all have to be killed. Tris has to see how to survive, but also save the world they live in.
This all sounds like it’s only an actions movie, but it actually also has a lot of romantic moments.
The main characters are played by Shailene Woodley and Theo James.



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