New favourite artist: Jeremy Loops

You may or may not have heard of him, but one thing is for sure: Jeremy Loops is an amazing artist! He’s a singer/songwriter from South Africa who performs with a loop pedal, plays the guitar, harmonica, beatbox, ukelele and banjo. He calls himself a modern folk artist. His music is a mixture of a number of genres, namely folk, reggae, hip-hop, gypsy-jazz. Listening to his music get’s me in a good mood instantly!

Jeremy Loops is very popular in South Africa, but not that known in other countries (yet). So you might be wondering how I got to love his music. Maybe you know this already, but I am a huge youtube fan. I am subscribed to so many youtubers and I watch it more than I watch TV or Netflix. I was thinking about doing a post about that sometime. So if you are a youtube fan as well, you might know the vlogger Ben Brown (known as @MrBenBrown on the internet: Click here for his youtube channel). He is from London, but also lives in South Africa. He is very good friends with Jeremy Loops and that’s how I was introduced to his music.

890774038946711570_370360961Jeremy’s newest album is out: Trading Change. My favourite songs on it are:

  • Sinner
  • Power
  • Down South
  • Skinny Blues
  • Basil

These are just a few songs from the album, but I enjoy listening to all of them really 😛
You should definitely check out his music! It gives you good vibes

Here are some of his links:

Jeremy’s official site – Jeremy’s youtube channel – Jeremy’s Instagram – Jeremy’s Twitter



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