Instagram has to be one of my favourite social media platforms there is. I love how you can be creative and share your moments with others. 9 Weeks ago I accidentally deleted my instagram account. You may ask how this happened, because how stupid can you be to do that, right? Well, I had two accounts of which one of them I didn’t use anymore. So I thought I would delete that one. I was on that account, clicked on delete, and when I wanted to go back to my original account I realised I deleted the wrong one. I had no idea how it happened, what I did wrong. I was pretty upset about it, but then I realised I could start over.

There are many instagram account that I think are inspirational or just fun. Here are some different types of accounts I follow:

Julie Sariña – @sincerelyjules                                                               Aimee Song – @songofstyle


Work hard anywhere – @workhardanywhere                               Work with coffee – @workwithcoffee


Cassey Ho – @blogilates                                                                            Nike Women – @nikewomen

Screenshots_2015-05-17-15-39-04 Screenshots_2015-05-17-15-39-43

Dan Mace – @danthedirector                                                                    Ben Brown – @mrbenbrown

Screenshots_2015-05-17-15-40-45 Screenshots_2015-05-17-15-42-39

Ingrid Nilsen – @ingridnilsen                                                                Meghan Rienks – @meghanrienks

Screenshots_2015-05-17-15-43-59 Screenshots_2015-05-17-15-44-55



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