People who inspire me

I am only 20 years old and I already feel like I have not seen enough or done enough in this world. Which is actually a really crazy thought, because I had school to focus on (and I still have) and I have a whole life ahead of me. But still, when I talk to others who have been travelling more, I get so envious. Or when I hear about other things that they’ve done, like working for an organization, I want that too. I want to have those experiences.

Those people who inspire me are just people like you and me. But the ones that inspire me the most to do more, are mostly youtubers. And to be even more specific, youtubers who work very hard and who travel!

Let’s start with my very favorite youtuber: Ben Brown (@MrBenBrown on all social media platforms)

This guy is a true adventurer. Ben is a british vlogger, from London, he moved to South Africa, and he travels a lot. When I watch his videos he makes me feel like I am part of the trip that he is on, which I think makes you a very good vlogger. He has been in so many different places around the world that he makes me want to see all of them. Not only does he have really good videos, he is also very passionate about his photography. If you want to check out his style of photography, you can click HERE for his Instagram, and HERE for his Tumblr page.

He is not only inspiring on his look on life and the , but also with his hard work. Ben used to be on the British Flat Water Kayak Team for  years. He won the junior and senior Marathon World Championships, among other World Cup wins and podium results. He was very competitive, and this is what you can still see in him. He is dedicated to everything he does, and for me that is very inspiring. Whether it is a workout or when he makes a video, he goes all out.

Click here for Ben’s youtube channel:

Another very favorite youtube of mine is Casey Neistat:

For me Casey Neistat is the definition of hard work. His story is very inspiring. He was 17 years old when he became a father. At that time he was only a child. He had to give up so many things to be able to take care of his son. This made him the hard worker that he is now. He is ALWAYS busy. There are so many Casey Neistat quotes, but I think this is one that summarizes his ideas the most:

My biggest motivator to any question is: “because I can”. Why run now? Why make something now? Life gets a little bit shorter every day. I feel an obligation to cram in as much as what’s humanly possible.

Casey is a filmmaker who is very passionate about his work. He also makes youtube videos, daily vlogs. This is his channel: You should really check out his videos.

Casey also has a new company called BEME. You may know it, it is an app for your phone. You can make 4 second videos on it and share it with the world. It might sound a bit like Snapchat, but in Snapchat you can see the photo or video you made, and even put a filter on it or delete it and make a new one. Casey wanted to come with something different, make it more real. With Beme, once you made a video it immediatley goes out for your followers to see. This is something Casey is very passionate about, and works very hard on. If you follow him on his vlogs you’ll see how much work means to him, and I find it so inspiring.

Ben and Casey have become friends through Youtube. It is amazing how a social media platform can bring people together and create a community. There are many more Youtubers who I think are very inspiring, but I want to leave it by these two amazing people for this post. I will definitely share with you some other people I think are inspiring to many people.

If you know Ben and/or Casey, let me know in the comments below. Also, if you think I need to check someone out who you think is very inspiring, please let me know as well.



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