Hot fall fashion trends!

We’ve all had those moments when you go shopping and you see the nicest things, but you want to wait for them to get in the sale. Those things you think you don’t necessarily need but you just want to have it. Well, here are some fashion items that you should buy right away when you see them, because they are worth the money.

Over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots never really get out of style. They are perfect for fall/winter. They look great pared with skinny jeans or a cute skirt.

There are so many different types that you can get. I personally really love the more basic ones. Black, no huge heels but either flat or with a wide heel of maybe  cm.

I have wanted a pair of over-the-knee boots for a while now, and this time I am not going to wait till they get in the sale, because I have noticed that the cutest ones will be sold out by then. So my advice to you, when you see them: Buy them!

Long floral dresses

What? Floral dresses in the fall? YES! You read it right. This fall floral dresses is a thing. There are many floral prints that are not too summer-ish. They are harder to find in the stores though, and that is why you cannot let them hang in the stores and come back for them later. Because with these dresses later means “too late”. If you are not able to find a long floral dress, you can also go for the short ones. You probably have more luck finding those over the long ones.

If you find one that is made from light-weight material, and is maybe a bit sheer, don’t worry about it being too cold. The whole of fall and winter fashion is layering.

Suede Skirts

You have probably already seen these in the stores this summer. And they are not just for summer. Suede skirts are perfect for the fall. You can make your look classy or casual with them. I love how they come in all colors and they still look nice. My favorites are the A-line skirt, and I think that’s because you cannot go wrong with them.

But, if you want to have something a bit different, you can always go for one with more pockets or one with fringe. I think a suede skirt is something that you will always love, no matter what you combine it with.

Romantic Victorian Blouses

On the runway this year there were more sheer, ruffly, lacy and voluminous blouses and dresses than there were before. All the designers are into this trend. And to me that is not that strange. I mean, who doesn’t love a nice white romantic looking blouse. They look great with simple skinny jeans, but what about pairing them either a leather skirt or leather pants.

Not only do I love the fabric of the sheer blouses, the flowines and the fact that they have a lose fit is something I really like, at least the modern version of them are like that. They’ll look great on everyone!

Super high waisted pants

I have always loved pants that were a higher fit, but I could never really find nice high waisted pants or jeans that fit me perfectly. With those I always have the problem that they get really loose and big in the waist part, where they should actually be slim fitted.

With the super high waisted pants the waistband sits above the hips at your natural waist. This is what’s going to make your waist look super small and your legs look longer. If you can find a nice pair that fits you, get them!

So these are some fall fashion trends that you cannot miss out on, If you find any of these items, don’t hesitate to buy them. Because if you wait too long, they might not be in the stores anymore, and you will regret not buying them right away.

Let me know what you will be wearing this fall/winter season. I am curious to know. And let me know what you think of the trends I picked out for this post!



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