Bye bye lazy days

Some of you may know that I am studying abroad for 4 months. Unfortunately 2 months have already passed, and I only have 2 more to go. I am studing in France, how cool is that? To be exact, I am in Marseille. Marseille is so beautiful. You have of course the very famous old harbor called the Vieux Port, the Notre-Dame de la Garde, and the Palais Longchamp. But in Marseille there are also all these beaches just behind the mountains. And that is actually my backyard here. How lucky am I?Also, the weather is gorgeous. It is october and I still don’t really need a jacket when I go outside. To me that is just insane.

But studying abroad is not just about exploring, although that is a very big part of it. There also has to be some work done. Lucky for me that the workload is not as much as at home in the Netherlands. But unlucky for me is that I tend to get a little lazy. A lot of my classes start in the afternoon, so it is very tempting to stay in bed for a long time. I have just come to the point that I feel like I really need to change that.

At the moment I have a fall break, which is a week. For the first few days my parents were here to visit me, which was so great! But I got the stupid flu and I was sick for about 3 days. After I got better I got lazy. I didn’t really do anything, untill today! Yesterday I promised myself to get up earlier again and try to sleep earlier too (but I’m more focussed on getting up early). This morning I went for a run. I mean, if this is just in your backyard, you have to take advantage of that right?


So no more excuses for me to not go for a run or a hike. I think I should take advantage of the good weather, the great environment, and this awesome experience. That’s what motivates me!



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