Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween today! Whooo how excited are you? I usually don’t celebrate Halloween because it is not really a thing in the Netherlands. But here in Marseille, there are a lot of people who live for Halloween. They have these traditions and things they do that I always thought would only happen in movies. I think it is so much fun how everyone’s different cultures come together and we all celebrate it together.

Tonight there’s a Halloween party and since I am not at home but in Marseille, I don’t have any costumes. I know that there’s a shop right downtown and I’m going there today. But still, I don’t want to buy a full costume because let’s be honest: I am probably not wearing it ever again. So with this in the back of my mind I went searching for some fun ideas online. I went mostly on Pinterest and Instagram, and what I liked about the things I saw is that most of the costumes are so simple, but because of the facepaint or makeup the costumes are complete. Also, there are many tutorials on Youtube on how to do the easy Halloween makeup looks. I think if I put some effort into how my face is going to look, it is not necessary to have a 50 euro or more costume.

Here are some cool ideas:


Skeleton teeth
Jaw dropping
Half skeleton face

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