7 day challenge

Remember when I posted that blog: bye bye lazy days? I wrote about that I was being too lazy and I wanted to start being more active and get up earlier. I did that for maybe 3 days and then I got back into the lazy routine. I get out of bed when I feel like it, which basically means that I stay in bed forever. This is because I don’t have class untill in the afternoon most days in the week. I feel like I don’t need to get up early because I have nothing to do before class. Which is not entirely because I do have some schoolwork that I can do in those morning hours.

So I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and I feel like I should do something about it. I want to use the morning hours more productively and don’t want to feel tired all the time because I sleep too much (yes you get tired from sleeping too much). To change this I want to do a little challenge. From monday to friday I want to get up at 7, and in the weekend the latest I want to get up is 9. I want to do the challenge for a week, but this is just to start with. I hope I will get in a routine and it will fewl natural to get up earlier and do more.

I used to be so good in getting up early, and I am a huge morning person. But since I am in Marseille I feel like everything is more relaxed, and maybe even a little too relaxed and chill.

So, that is my plan for the next week. I will definitely keep you updated on how it is going, and I hope I can manage to do it!



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  1. BlondeCoffee says:

    This sounds like a great way to get into a new routine! Good luck!

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    1. chantallamberts says:

      Thank you! I really need to do this haha. Have been lazy for too long.


      1. BlondeCoffee says:

        I know the feeling! Getting up in the morning when there’s nothing to do until the afternoon is always so hard.

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