My morning routine

I like to see all the morning routine/get ready with me videos on Youtube. I wanted to do something similar but then in blog form.

I always try to get up right away when
my alarm goes of. If I don’t feel like it, I snooze for about 20 minutes. I know, it’s bad. But because I set my alarm very early, never last minute if I have to be somewhere.

After I made it out of bed I always immediately take a shower. This makes me feel more awake and I can start the day fresh. After the shower I do my hair. When my hair is still damp it is easier to style, when it is completely dry it is just not possible.

When I’m done doing my hair I start my laptop and listen to music on spotify. Usually the playlist I listen to is the music I liked (or you know, added to my own playlist), or it is one of the coffee house playlists. While listening to this I make myself breakfast, which is usually something like cereal or bread, with yoghurt and a piece of fruit, and with Green Tea.

While eating my breakfast I watch the latest youtube videos. I am subscribed to 94 channels and many of them have daily vlogs/videos, so that is a lot to catch up on.
After I’ve finished my breakfast I do my makeup so I’m all ready for the day!




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