Challenge day 6: Saturday

This week went by so fast. Seriously, where did the time go?
The challenge is going pretty well. Although, I have cheated on some days…oops. I had a day of on tuesdag, and that was when I deciced 7 AM was just too early. I know that was my intention, to wake up very early, but it was my free day. And it is not that I stayed in bed for another 2 hours, it was only 20 minutes longer. I still did a lot that day, mostly for school. And that was also one of my goals for this week, to be more productive. The exams are just around the corner and I should get in the study mode as soon as possible.

I didn’t cheat on wednesday. I woke up at 7 AM because I had a morning clsass. I didn’t feel too good though. But that didn’t matter and I still started the day that early.

So I don’t really remember what I did on thursday. I know I went to school, but that wasn’t until in the afternoon. Oh no, I just remembered. I had a test that I had to study for. So waking up early was a very good idea in this case. I could take my time and still do everything I wanted to do.

Friday morning I had class, so it was normal to get up at 7 AM. Fridays are my longest school days. I usually have two classes, but yesterday my afternoon class was cancelled. I was fine with that!

So now it is saturday already. My rules for this challenge was to get up at 7 AM from monday to friday, and on saturday and sunday I get up at 9. But this morning I had class. Yes…on a saturday. Suprisingly it was the easiest morning to get up that early. I hope it is because I have been doing that for the whole week now, which is a good thing. It means I am getting in a routine now. Let’s hope I don’t get out of it.




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