A little homesick ?

Like I said in previous posts, I have been in Marseille for 3 months now. That is the longest I have been from home, without being able to go home any time I want. In the Netherlands I live in Maastricht during the week, in a student house, and in the weekend I go home to my parents’ house. That is completely different than being in another country by myself. I never get homesick really, but now I feel like I am starting to miss more things.

Firstly, my family. Of course I miss my family. My parents came here to visit me in October. We had such a good time together. It felt like a little vacation. But they were only here for 5 days, and that was a month ago.
And I also miss my brother. He was here two weeks ago. We had a blast; it was just very chill and relaxed. We didn’t do too much, but we spend a lot of time together. I miss these guys…

I also miss my friends. Or just being around other people. Don’t get me wrong, I really like spending time with my friends here. But here they are all I have. It really does make our relationships stronger. I just really enjoy spending time with different people though. At home I have my friends from school, my friends from home, my family, my housemates, my colleagues . Just all these different people.  And that always makes it more exciting to see everyone. I just miss them.

The third thing I miss is working. I need something to do in the weekends. I can’t sit at home all day and do nothing. Also, I just miss working for my money. I really need it over here. Everything is so much more expensive.  I saved up so much and being here it just seems like it is nothing.

And lastly, being active. I miss playing tennis so much. I don’t think I’ve ever in my life gone without playing tennis for so long. And I know that I don’t really have an excuse to not do any sports. There’s this big national park literally in my backyard where I can go for a run or just a hike, but I’ve only done that a few times.


But, I am still having such a good time here. Marseille is great with all these great people. It is really a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so grateful for it. Meeting new people, getting to know more about different cultures, becoming more independent: That is why I’m doing this!



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  1. amintagreene says:

    Hey I am a student also studying abroad (in Paris) and I have been here for about the same length as you and I can relate 100%

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    1. chantallamberts says:

      That’s cool. It is very fun but some things you just miss, right


  2. 1world2feet says:

    Marseille is great! Definitely normal to be homesick 🙂

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