A day in Montpellier

Of course it is fun to be in another country for a couple of months, but you can get bored with the city you live in. I think I’ve seen almost everything in Marseille by now, and I love to explore new things. Luckily traveling is not expensive at all, and there are many fun cities to visit that are close to Marseille. So on monday I went to Montpellier. I did not know anything about Montpellier, and honestly I still don’t. But I know now that Montpellier is so beautiful. It is so different from Marseille which is very refreshing. The city looks very bright and rich. All the buildings are in the same color, which is a beige sandy color. It all looks very classic and still modern in some way. Also, the people look happier than in Marseille. Nobody is in a rush. Everybody smiles at you and are so friendly. That is something that I’ve really missed. In Marseille people all look so angry. And it was nice to not see guys in tracksuits all the time. It seemed cares more about how they look, and I like that.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like Marseille. It is just nice to see another side of what the country looks like. I love seeing new things and experiencing different things. It was definitely a good day

Here are some photos I took which I think kind of gives an image of what Montpellier looks like:



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  1. Nice pictures! I love those cities in France where many buildings have this sandy color, it looks very classy indeed.

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    1. chantallamberts says:

      I know right. It is so pretty

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