School can be stressful

I have not been so active on my blog anymore. Sorry for that, but I have a good reason: Exams! I have been studying for the last two weeks and I am starting to get really stressed. Especially today. I have two exams to study for and a report to finish, all for tomorrow. They problem is that the report is a group project. Usually I don’t mind doing group projects, we have them at my home university all the time. But here I feel like nobody understands how you actually write a report. I mean, using bullet points is not the way to do it. That only works in power points, okay! Yes, that is actually what my group members have sent me as their part of the report. 4000 words for 4 people is not a lot guys, so why do you send me a documents that is clearly copy pasted form Wikipedia, in the form of bullet point, which is not ever 500 words?

I have learned from this that you can’t have any expectations from others. This has a few times before with the same group, and I just let them do their things. The thing is that I have to correct everything afterwards which I am really fine with, but not when it is all last minute and I still have to do so much more. It is just really not professional when someone sets a deadline for the next week and nobody responds, until the day before the deadline.

I am very sorry me ranting on about this, but I had to get it out. Maybe I am just a little perfectionist and want everything to look nice and be good, but I don’t think that is something bad when it comes to school stuff.



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