My last week in Marseille

I am almost at the end of my exchange. An amazing adventure and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Since we finished our exams, there have been a few people who have already left. And more and more are leaving. They leave today, tomorrow, in a few days, and then in a week I leave. Saying goodbye to everyone is so sad. The people you see every day have become more than just friends: they are like your family.

I am so thankful that I got to meet all these amazing people and spend the best time with. We got to do many fun things, got to see beautiful cities, stressed about school together, cheered each other up if anyone of us was homesick. We’ve been each other’s’ rock.

Saying bye is never fun, but I should just be thinking about what I gained over these past few months. I feel that the friendships I made here are for forever. People have invited me to stay with them whenever I want. I’ve invited them to come to the Netherlands so I can show them around, explore the cities together. I don’t want this time to feel like it is the ending of something. I believe that we all will see each other again, and I hope soon.

I’m going to miss it here in Marseille. I want to get everything out of the last week and spend it with the amazing people I am happy to call my friends!




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  1. That is sweet. Reminded me of the time I had lived 6 weeks in Besançon, France for a training programme on a University campus, and made friends with folks from all over the world. And one day, we all had to leave, say good bye, and go back to our respective lives…

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