Party dresses

I am so excited for the holidays, but I am not yet in the christmasy mood. But don’t worry about that. I will be when I come home on Friday and see all the Christmas decorations. Christmas means the time for spending time with your family, going to Christmas parties and dressing up. I have not been able to shop at all lately. So I am just looking on the web shops what there is in stores now. And what I have been doing mstly is look at the stores that I usually don’t shop in because there is none around where I live.

I went looking on I love their style and those are the close I want to wear more. I have gone through all the different categories, and stopped at the party dresses which got me on the idea of writing this post. Here are some of my favorites:

The Tux dresswhite-gold-stud-dress-2

I have been seeing these type of dresses a few times now. It is more a chic option for a party dress, but it is still definitely sexy. If I would buy one I would rather have one is black, because I think it is a bit more classy than white. And also, I would want it to be a bit longer. This white one is called the Hazel the Label Military Dress. It is only €59.18, which I think for this type of dress is very reasonable.



green-crochet-back-dress_n3The detailed back

I absolutely love dresses that have details in the back. I love when it has lace, if it has an open back, or like in this case when it has crochet. Instead of just having another plain dress, which there’s nothing wrong with that, it has some details to it which makes it different. I think this dress has a little bit of a romantic feel to it. I don’t know if that is because of the pattern that the crochet is in, or if it is because of the shape of the back. I think with dresses like these you can never go wrong. Also, I think this would also be lovely in black or white, and even in different fabrics. This dress has a little bit of the summery feeling to it.  But then the color makes it more fall/winter too, because you can combine it with black tights, black heels and add some little accessories. Or you can wear it with a camel color purse or cognac, which I think are perfect for this time of the year.
The name of the dress is Clea dress, and it costs originally €59.18, but is on sale for €32.89.

The little black dressblack-deviate_1alt

Everybody needs to have at least one LBD in their closet. If you don’t, you should go to the mall asap and find you one. I love a simple LBD. A lot of people may think they are just boring, but the thing is that you have to accessorize is and put your outfit together with choosing the right handbag and shoes that go with. You can do whatever you want with it. Get creative and express yourself with you own accessories. It is all about the way you wear it.
The one I chose from Beginning Boutique is a loser fitted on with big pockets on the sides. I love flowy dresses, and the way I think the model wears it with the necklaces in the picture is something I would wear too. The dress is called the Deviate Dress Black, and it costs €46.02.

I hope you liked these few types of different dresses. These are ones I would definitely wear. I think they are so cute and can be worn all year round.




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