I am very excited for New Years. But coming home after being in France for 4 months, and then seeing everyone again made me forget that New Years is almost here. I didn’t even think about what I’m going to wear. Not until yesterday. Oops, panic! Just a little bit. I had some options for dresses I can wear that I have in my closet already, but one dress I’ve worn 3 times already and the other dress is harder to put together with accessories and shoes that I have. I wanted something new! So today I went to downtown to look for a dress, and that is when I remembered I don’t enjoy shopping that much anymore. It was so busy everywhere, in the streets and the stores. But I tried to ignore it and focus on my mission: I need to find a dress! And that was the moment when I remembered that I don’t like anything that is in the stores right now. Everything is the same in every shop. Everything you see is what is the trends right now, and I don’t really like that style. So after going in and out of probably 8 stores, I gave up and went back home.

Luckily I looked on some web shops before and I knew there were shops that deliver the next day. So I went found a selection of dresses and ordered one! Here are the dresses I was considering.

I bought the last one, the green one. It is a dress from Topshop (I love Topshop) and I think it is perfect for the occasion. It has the sparkles and it is still quite simple. And it was the only one I liked that had long sleeves. I don’t think I’ve ever had a long sleeve dress on New Years. I do still like the other dresses too, but this one is a little different from the rest. Let me know which one you would’ve picked! I’d like to know 🙂



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