Golden Globes 2016 Red Carpet Review

Yesterday were the Golden Globes. And everybody knows the best part is the red carpet. I mean, isn’t that why most of the people watch? I know I do.

So here are some of my thoughts about this year’s red carpet fashion.

golden-globes-2016-katy-perry- Prada.jpg


Katy Perry in Prada. I would have actually liked this if it didn’t look like she can’t move in it. I love the whole style with her hair and that her dress is really simple, with not too many accessoiries, but in the bottom it just looks like she can’t take any steps in it. If it had just had a split on one side, it would have looked so much better. Also, how she poses makes her look like a barbie doll. Is this maybe intentional? Did she want to look like a retro barbie? If so, you nailed it Katy.






Rachel McAdams, what is this? I totally love the shape of the dress, but what is that print? This is literally just a curtain turned into a dress. It is just very distracting. The print is a no for me, sorry girl.







golden-globes-2016-zendaya - marchesa.jpg


Zendaya in Marchesa. I am a little confused with this dress. I looove the top part of the dress without the bottom two layers. Then it would have been a very cute, fun little dress. But that’s not very Golden Globe style. So if this dress had just one gone straight down or in a big tulle skirt then I would have loved it.







Regina King, please explain this? It took me a while before I figured out this is actually a dress. It looks like a metal jumpsuit with a big white cape. When you cut off the bottom part of the picture, it look like a lovely dress, but then there’s the see the bottom in which you see the “cape”, the big split in the middle and the bdazzled shoes. It is all a little (a lot) too much.








Jenna Tatum, you look fabulous. When I look at the dress itself, I honestly only like the top part. But Jenna makes the whole dress look so good. Maybe it’s because she has an amazing accessoiry on her arm: Her husband Channing Tatum. I think you’re winning girl!





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