February plans

February is a pretty exciting month for me. In my last post I mentioned that I have some exciting things planned for this month, and I wanted to let you know what these things are. So let’s start with this week. From Friday on carnival starts in the Netherlands. Well, more in the south of the Netherlands, Limburg. I live in Venlo in which carnival is a really big thing. Venlo has the oldest carnival organization in the whole country, so it is kind of obvious that I celebrate it. I am really excited for it this year, which is a little different from previous years. I never really enjoyed it that much the last couple of years because I never went with the right people, but this year should be a lot of fun because I am going with my best friends.

After carnival I still have some days off. One of those days, in the weekend, I am going to this tennis tournament in Rotterdam, ABN-AMRO toernooi. My parents and I got tickets from my brother for Christmas. I’ve been to the tournament before but never in the weekend. We’re there on the day when the semi-finals are. I am super excited, but today I heard Roger Federer is injured which means he’ll probably not be there. I would have loved it if he was there, that would’ve been amazing. But going to the tournament is already an amazing thing itself. Thank you brother!

After next week my classes start again (Finally)!! I cannot wait to go back to school. I really need some kind of routine right now, because now I’m just bored all the time. The only things I do is either sit at home or going out with friends. I know many of you would be like: come on, that is what everyone wants! Well, not me. It gets very boring. Can’t wait to go back to school!

And then the last exciting thing I have planned for February is that I’m going to Amsterdam with my brother to see Jeremy Loops. Jeremy Loops is doing a Europe tour at the moment and he is also coming to the Netherlands. So when my brother and I heard he was coming, we needed tickets. We are both Youtube fans and that is how we found Jeremy Loops. I cannot wait to see him live!


So those are my plans. I am glad that I have some things to look forward to.



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