Another challenge?

A few months back I did a 7 day challenge in which I wanted to achieve a better every day routine (read about it here). I got up early for a whole week, with the goal to be more productive in the mornings. And it worked: I stayed committed and got up early every day, I did more for school and I started to feel better. This was only for a week though, but it was still a good challenge. That’s why I am thinking about challenging myself again. But for a longer time and for something else.

ec34c23fba5e8b0064071a0a31e6584f.jpgI feel like I am not being active enough at the moment. I only play tennis once a week and that is not near enough. I used to play 4 times a week before I started my studies. I miss those times. I felt great and full of energy all the time. I want that feeling back, and for that I have to take some effort into really doing something.
Because it is the winter season it is harder to play more tennis, so the plan is to do one of those monthly challenges you always see on fitness blogs, on Pinterest or somewhere else on the internet. It doesn’t really matter to me if this for more strength or cardio, I just want to do something I know I can stick to and actually achieve. There are some 30 day challenges that I saw on Pinterest which looked good to do, I just have to decide which one I want to be doing throughout March. And when I do, I will definitely let you all know.



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