Online drugstore shopping

I don’t know if more of you do this, but I love to shop online for everyday things like shampoos, deodorants, makeup and that kind of stuff. The reason for this is that they always have some kind of deals on the brands that I use in web store and in the shops they have them only once in a few weeks. This is what I got the last time. It was mostly deals like 2+2 and 4 toothpaste tubes for €10, and such things. I also think it is so easy to just order it and have it delivered the next day, instead of going into an overcrowded store where I get major anxiety sometimes.


There are some things that I haven’t gotten before that I really wanted to try out. The first product is a dry shampoo from Aussie. Some of you already know how much I love the brand Aussie. Their hair products are so unique, even their packaging is so special. I think that is maybe one of the biggest reasons why I love it so much. It had also been a while since I last used the Aussie shampoos and conditioners. This dry shampoo is the “Aussie miracle dry shampoo, mega instant, for normal or greasy hair”. It also says: This dry shampoo, with Australian Jojoba Extract, wards off (yuk!) grease and revives your hair’s general fabulousness in a matter of minutes (we know you hate hanging about).


20160225_205519The next product I wanted to use is the “Maybelline super stay 24hr color” in the color 640 Nude Pink Beige Rose. I am not at all a lipstick girl, but I wanted to try a matte lipstick. I thought if I went for a nude color it would actually look nice. I only tried it on to see what the color looks like on me and I actually really like it. It is very subtle. I think I would want to try a darker color too, that is more brown.

20160225_205440The last product I really wanted to try is a toothpaste. I know, it sounds very random, but I saw this in one of Zoe Suggs’ (Zoella) videos on Youtube and her teeth are just blindingly white. She put it in a favorite video because many people asked her what toothpaste she uses. And to honest, I also really wanted to know. So it is the “Oral B 3D White Brilliance”. You are supposed to see a real difference after two weeks, and I can’t wait to start trying it.

So those are the few things I bought that I’ve never tried before, and I’ll let you all know what I think of them after I’ve used it a few times. Look out for that one. Also, let me know if you use one of these products or if you’ve hear good things about it. I would really like to know.



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