Study, study, study…?

It is that time again of studying, lack of sleep, stress, books…EXAMS! Mine started yesterday and I have 4 more to go in the next 2 weeks. Fun right? Nah…

I know I am not good at studying at all. I find it hard to remember things. Somehow I can always remember songs from over 10 years ago, but everything I have to study for school is something I am bad at. This also means that I always have to resit exams, which is also the reason why I am always behind on things because the number of exams just adds up.

But then I wonder why I find it hard to remember things I study for. Is it because I don’t put enough energy in studying something or is it more because I am very easily satisfied with the work I put into it? I know of myself that I think I know everything but after a while I’ll try to answer a question and I’ve already forgotten what I’ve studied. Frustrating, but definitely something I can work on.

And then, on days like this I know I have to do stuff but for some reason I still don’t do them. Why do I do that? It makes no sense to me. I tried to study but my brain just doesn’t work at all. I’ll read something and if I ask myself what I read I have no idea. Actually really ridiculous, right? It doesn’t help me at all. Tomorrow will be a very busy day for me.

I tried looking up some study tips and there were some that could help. But what I find is that they’re nothing different from the ones I already knew. So I thought I wanted to give myself some tips:

  1. Get up early with a purpose: having a productive day. Have breakfast and get ready as soon as possible. After that it is easier to start your day and work.
  2. Avoid anything that could be a distraction. Yup, that means putting away your phone.
  3. Take small breaks in between. Remember that studying is like doing sprints. You’re not going to be able to sprint a kilometer at a steady pace. You’ll be slower at the end of the sprint than you were in the beginning. Your brain works the same way. You need little breaks.
  4. Focus on the important things. I sometimes get a little carried away in the details. This is not a problem if you started studying weeks before the exam, but when it’s more last minute you need to know the important things.
  5. Repetition is the key to learning. As I said before I am not that good at remembering things. I am sure that this also has to do with not revising enough.

So those are some tips that I came up with. You’d think that I should be able to study really well because it looks like I know exactly what I need to do to improve my studying. I only really have to find the motivation. I’ll let you know how the exams went when they’re over. I already can’t wait for that!



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