A Healthy Headstart: Banana Coffee Vegan Breakfast Smoothie

via A Healthy Headstart: Banana Coffee Vegan Breakfast Smoothie

Yesterday evening I was scrolling through the website of Free People just looking for clothes, but then I discovered they have their blog on their website. They write about fashion, beauty, music, inspiration, DIY, décor, food and FP ever after. When I saw this it blew my mind that I had not yet found out about it. So I clicked around and ended up in the Food category, because food is life, and I saw that they have some healthy recipes on there that I’ve never even thought of eating or making. One of the recipes seemed so easy and really something I would like and actually make. And as you can see from the title it is a smoothie. But not just a smoothie, no…Banana Coffee Vegan Breakfast Smoothie!!

I love finding new things to have for breakfast. You guys probably knew that already because all the food blogs I’ve written are about breakfast food. I just think breakfast is an important meal of the day but people easily forget about it or don’t take the time to make a proper meal. So when I saw this smoothie recipe I freaked out a little bit, not going to lie. It is so easy and so delicious. And I know this because I tried it out this morning.

All you need is:

  • 2 or 3 bananas, I put 3 in there
  • 1 espresso shot, but you can also do 2 if that’s more to your liking
  • 1 cup of milk, preferably almond milk
  • Ice

All you need to do is put it all together in a blender, pour it in a big glass, and enjoy this delicious breakfast smoothie!

I’m telling you: You need to try this! If you do, let me know. Also, if you like posts like this, like and comment, and if you want to read more all you have to do is click on the follow button over there –>



2 Comments Add yours

  1. knatschi says:

    Omg that sounds so good!


    1. chantallamberts says:

      you should try it!


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