My favorite summer heels

Finally! The weather is getting so much better. Last week it was just miserable, and that was the week I had of from school. It was raining, hailing, freezing and just horrible. It was as if it was fall again. I was ready to have everything in pumpkin spice flavor again. But of course that is a little ridiculous.

And now, this week the weather is amazing. It is warm, the sun has been out every day and it just feels like summer. Or well, spring. This made me all excited for summer clothing. Wearing shorts, skirts and dresses, I can’t wait. Something else I am really excited about is summer shoes. Most people have a sneaker obsession which they wear throughout the whole year, especially in fall/winter. I have that with summer shoes. I have so many sandals, loafers and other types of summer shoes. I wanted to show you my favorite summer heels. I feel like I can wear these every year without them going out of style.

The first ones are these Tommy Hilfiger Mixed Wedge Sandals. I believe they’re called the Emery Espadrilles, but I’m not sure.  They are more the classic ones that you can always buy. I’ve had them for a few years now and they still look as if they’re new. They are so comfortable which you wouldn’t immediately think when you see the height of the heel. The quality is just so good which was the reason why I wanted them. I’ve had many shoes that looked like these, but they were of poor quality and they’d break after a little while. I think it is better to invest in something that you really want and know you’ll like for a long time. That is what I did with these shoes and I’m glad I did, because I still love them.

The next ones are new. I am so in love with them. I’ve always wanted shoes that looked like these but I could never find the right ones. I either didn’t like the color, because usually they were in black and somehow I didn’t like how they look on my, or they were of poor quality and they looked like they were made out of plastic. So you’re probably now wondering how I found these. Well, I had a gift card that I got for my birthday last year, a whole while back. And I never really had the time to go to this little boutique (which FYI is literally in the street I live in) but now I had to go otherwise the gift card would expire. The first thing I saw were these shoes. They were only €40 and I had a €20 euro gift card, so I only had to pay €20. I didn’t even think twice about purchasing them. I think they’re perfect for so many occasions and they are easy to combine with different styles of clothing. I’m just really happy with them.



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  1. popiuliaanca says:

    Love it !❤


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