FLASHBACK!! – song

Hey y’all! I realized I haven’t posted a blog lately, sorry ‘bout that! I had some things planned to write about, but I don’t want to bore you with the same topic over and over. So this one is about music. Usually I only do a music post once every month, which is a monthly playlist with all the songs I’ve been listening too. Well, lately I’ve been playing one particular song on repeat. If you were around me you will get annoyed by how many times I play it.

So now you’re probably thinking what song I’m talking about. When I tell you you’re going to either laugh really hard or totally get why I’ve been loving it. It is not a new song, actually it’s 12 years old already, WOW. It is “Beautiful Soul” by Jesse McCartney. Yes…

I don’t know how I started listening to this song again. To be honest, I was never a Jesse McCartney fan. I could appreciate his music but I knew some girls who were the biggest Jesse McCartney fans. it’s just this song that I really like and for some reason I still knew almost every single word. When listen to this song I just think of all the girly teen movies I used to watch, you know, the very corny and cheesy ones. Good memories J

Oh and can we just talk about the music video for a second. I love how music videos used to be so simple and just really about the story. Now I always think music videos are just too much. Keep it simple, like Jesse McCartney did with Beautiful Soul. It’s basically just 2 guys and 2 girls going on a little road trip, having a bunch fun driving in a Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and then they end up on a beach.  And that’s the end of the video. So simple, so fun. You can see for yourself:

Tell me that I am not the only crazy person obsessing over this song…haha.



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