I’m on Beme!

I am a huge social media addict. I love trying out new apps that usually nobody knows about yet, until I tell them about it and kind of push them to try it as well…sorry friends. I just always get really excited when I try new things. I want to get better at it and know all the ins and outs.

So everyone knows the standard sosh meeds (that’s short for social media, I’m a dork) like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine and Snapchat. But did y’all know that I’m also on Beme? What is that? You’ve never heard of Beme? That’s not that crazy actually. If you are a diehard Youtube watcher and you know who Casey Neistat is, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But for the people who don’t know, let me explain!

Beme is a video messaging app. The way it works is simple. You can make 8 second videos by just holding you phone to your chest or other surfaces. You now probably think: I can make 10 second videos on Snapchat, or 6 second videos on Vine, why is this different? Well, when you’ve shot your little clip it immediately uploads. You don’t get the chance to edit it, or see it before you upload it. The thought behind it is that people don’t look through their phones anymore when they’re filming but you get to actually be in the moment. It is so easy to use, and so much fun. I’ve only had it for a week now, because Beme was first only for Apple. But I can see how this is very addictive.

If you’d like to check out the app, please also check out my Beme!  Let me know what you think of it and I hope to see you on Beme.



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