Monday motivation

I really need a little Monday motivation. I can say that I haven’t been motivated at all to do anything today. But that is totally my own fault. I should not have gone out till sunrise last night. Or drink as much as I did… Sometimes I just feel so stupid for doing that, because I know I’m going to regret it later. But I just like to hang out with my friends and go out with them. There’s nothing wrong with that right?

It’s just that I need to learn to make something of the next day. On this Monday I am too exhausted to be bothered doing anything. I’ve literally only been catching up in Youtube videos, and watched some episodes of Jane the virgin, which I just got into (and I’m loving it).

So I thought it is time for a little Monday motivation quote: SUCCESS

See your goal
Understand the obstacle
Create a positive mental picture
Clear your mind of self doubt
Embrace the challenge
Stay on track
Show the world you can do it!

Let’s just think about that for a little bit. We can all be successful if you put the effort in the things we do and have the positivity and are motivated. Happy Monday!



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