Finding the perfect planner

I’ve talked about planners before, specifically the Simplified Daily Planner by Emily Ley. But still I haven’t found the perfect one yet. I really want to have the perfect planner to get more organized. I know that I can be all over the place sometimes, and I feel like I need something that I can always rely on and hold on to. So I’ve been looking for planners or bullet journals, and I just can’t find a good one. I mean, that is not all true because the Simplified Planner is exactly what I want, but it is just too expensive. It costs 58 dollars and on top of that comes the shipping costs, and it will take a few months to be delivered. I am not quite sure if it is worth the money and effort…

I’ve seen some other ones that I really liked, but again the problem was that they are expensive and can’t be shipped to the Netherlands. So my question is: Why isn’t there anything similar in the Netherlands or somewhere else in Europe? I’ve been wanting one for so long now. The planner I have now is just way too small and simple and I can’t write everything in it what I want.

So for a second I wanted to make my own one. I quickly found out this wasn’t going to happen. I had no clue what I was doing and how I wanted it to be. It just seemed impossible. But then I saw my brother doing it. He has this notebook in which he writes EVERYTHING down, and it looks so organized. I mean, if my brother can do it, I can too right?

So I went looking for cute notebook, and I’ve found some that I really liked. I think it will be a little challenging to have some kind of system in how I’m going to write everything down, but I love the idea of being creative and having the freedom of writing down what I want. The ones I found are all from

Mint and Faux Gold Foil Deer Head
Mint and Faux Gold Foil Deer Head by heartlocked
Make your own personalised journal designs online at Zazzle
Navy Blue Anchors Pattern 1
Navy Blue Anchors Pattern 1 by GraphicsByMimi
Find other Anchors pattern Notebooks at


So these are the ones I found and liked. I want something similar to these: A little preppy and not too crazy. When I’ve actually bought one and start writing in it, I will definitely do some kind of post on How to make a bullet journal, or something like that. Let me know if that is something you want to read in the comments. Or even better, if you have any suggestions for stores or webshops where they have cute planners that are not too expensive and ship to the Netherlands, I would love to hear about it!


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