What to watch on Netflix: documentaries and movies

The last couple of weeks I have really been into watching documentaries on Netflix. It is not that I never did that before, but the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing that more and more. I think it is because there are more and more on there which I really like and enjoy watching. They range from sports documentaries to crime ones. If you enjoy watching things that are also pretty educational (some of them are) I think you would like reading this. After listing some documentaries I’ll also talk about some movies I’ve been enjoying.

  • Zeitgeist: The Movie. This documentary has 3 different parts: it’s about Christianity, about the 9/11 attacks, and the role of the FED. I love how it is about things we think we know everything about and not really look any further than that, or not think about it at all. And this about unraveling mysteries. If you are interested in such things you should definitely give it a go.
  • Blackfish. I’ve seen this a while ago, but it was such a good documentary that I had to talk about it. It’s about the captivity of killer wales and the dangers that come with it. The dangers for both the people who work at sea world, and other places they have killer wales, and the dangers of the wales themselves. In my opinion it is very important to know the lives the wales have when they’re in captivity, and the situations the trainers get themselves into. There are some very shocking images, but I think sometimes I feel it is better to know than to be ignorant.
  • The Hunting Ground. This documentary is about the shocking things that are going on college campuses in America. There are many incidences of sexual assault that are just shoved under the rug. Girls who have been sexually assaulted are not being takes seriously and are even blamed most of the time for putting themselves in a wrong situation. It is very shocking and emotional when you hear girls from even Ivy League schools talk about what they’ve been through and how there was no one who wanted to help them or even recognize the problem, just to keep a good reputation for the schools. So crazy to think this is happening. Really worth watching this documentary guys.
  • Blood Brother. This is about a guy (Rocky) who spent some time doing voluntary work in a village hostel housing AIDS-afflicted children in India. After being back in America for a while he doesn’t feel like he belongs anymore. He realized he can mean much more for those kids in India than in the US. That’s where he feels more at home. So he goes back to live there and help the kids he has developed a real relationship with. It is so touching to see how all the kids look up to Rocky and see him as their big brother. Unfortunately, you also get to see the real issues that are an everyday thing over there. Very emotional, but so worth watching.

There are more documentaries that are really fun and interesting to watch. Sometimes it is just nice to watch something you can actually learn stuff from, instead of series that you can watch without turning on your brain. I always want to learn more about the world and I think it is important to do so.
So those were the documentaries, let’s switch to the movies I’ve watched in the last couple of weeks.

  • Side Effects. This is psychological thriller with some amazing actors in it: Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Channing Tatum. Let’s be honest, those names is already a reason to watch it. It is about a patient who has a bad form of depression, who gets this new antidepressant drug prescribed. Under the influence she murders her own husband. There’s a whole case going on about if the patient is guilty of the murder, or if the doctor who prescribed the drug is the one in the fault here. It is a very interesting movie, and sometimes very mysterious in some way.
  • The Fundamental of Caring. This movie really touched me. It is so good. It is about a man (Ben) who suffers from an incredible big loss in his life, who wants to get his life back on track. To do so, he enrolls in a care-giving class. He gets a job at which he takes care of a boy (Trevor) who suffers from Duchene Muscular Dystrophy (yes, I had to look that up), who’s in a wheelchair and needs help with pretty much everything he does. Trevor really doesn’t get out of the house, at least not farther that the park, but he does have this list of things he wants to see in his life. Yes, this already sounds a little predictable doesn’t it? I guess you can already tell what happens after. It is just such a good movie, with a very good message. The story kind of tells you that how broken you are, there are other people who have it bad too and by doing things for them and doing things together, you can get through life again (Sorry if I got a little deep there).
  • Endless love. I always love a good drama romance movie. I guess I’m just like all other girls. It’s about a girl who grew up very privileged and a boy (David) who has to work really hard for almost everything in life. The girl (Jade) is very beautiful, but also very shy and doesn’t have many friends. But still somehow, for David Jade stands out to him. They fall in love, which Jade’s parents do not agree with. They want her to be with someone who has their life in order and knows exactly what their future plans are, preferably even go to an Ivy League school. They want the best of the best for their daughter, but that is exactly what Jade doesn’t want. She wants to be able to make choices for herself, and that is something her parents cannot accept. As you can hear from this, it is like a forbidden love. It is such a feel good movie though. If you’re into this you’ll definitely enjoy it.


Really, I can go on and on about good movies I’ve seen lately, but I think this a good start. I’m sure I’ll be doing this kind of post some other time. I love reading about what other people like to watch and see if they have some good suggestions. So I thought it would be fun for me to do the same for you.

Please let me know if you’ve watched some of the documentaries or movies and what you thought about them. And also, if you feel like some very good documentaries/movies are missing from the lists, let me know as well. Thank you for reading and enjoy watching!



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  1. I really want to see Side Effects 🙂 Another good documentary on Netflix is Cowspiracy, which will interest you if you liked Blackfish. It’s all about the environment and how cows are the cause of global warming, deforestation, pollution in the seas and oceans, and how there is a conspiracy to cover it up.

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    1. chantallamberts says:

      Yes you should see it! Oh Cowspiracy is a good one. I believe I started it ones but didn’t have the time to finish it. Really good suggestion! 👌

      Liked by 1 person

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