July favorites

I usually never do a favorites post, but I thought it would be fun to do one now. July was a pretty good month on many different aspects. So I say, let’s talk about some things I loved!

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Puma classic suede
I’ve never really been a sneaker kind of girl. Not because I don’t like them, but because I always thought it was nothing for me. Many people told me I should just buy them because they think I could totally pull them off. I wasn’t planning on buying these ones. I actually wanted to buy the classic white converse, but then I saw these Pumas and they were on sale. I decided on the spot that I should buy these instead of the converse which I can buy any other time. And I am glad I made that choice, because I have been wearing them almost every single day. I actually love sneakers so much now that I already ordered a second pair. I’ll probably show them in a different blog post when I have them.

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I’ve always loved nice jewelry. I don’t have tons of them, but I love a good statement piece that I can wear every single day without getting bored of it. I’ve had some bracelets that I liked but I felt that I should get myself something new. So I bought myself a little present, so I ordered this bracelet set. They are both steel, one bangle and one chain bracelet. I have been wearing them every day since I got them.

My planner by Moleskine
I’ve talked about planners so many times you guys are probably already sick of it. I kind of settled for a planner that is very basic and simple, nothing to fancy but still very useful. I feel like my life is a little less chaotic and more organized since I have this one. On the left page you have the whole week with enough space to write, and the whole right page is blank for notes, which is the whole reason why I bought this planner.

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Nail polish by Pieces
I’m a big fan of neutral colored nail polishes. This particular one I’ve liked a lot the last couple of weeks. It’s a cement grey color which I think goes with every type of color clothing. Very easy, which I’m all about.



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Burt’s bees beeswax lip balm
I am a lip balm addict. I cannot go a day without putting on lip balm. If I don’t put any on I lick my lips which makes it only worse. Usually I use the classic Labello ones, but this month I wanted to try a new one. And I’ve hear about the Burt’s Bees ones but never tried them. Now that I have I wonder why I never used them before. They’re great! The one I use is the one with peppermint oil in it, which doesn’t only smell good, it makes your lips feel awesome. It refreshes and it tingles a little. I actually lost mine and panicked, that’s how much I love this product. I couldn’t find it and bought myself a new one.

So, those were my favorites for the month of July. The reason I usually don’t do this is because I never really have new things to talk about that I’ve loved over a month. But this time it was different so I thought it was a good idea. Maybe I can do this again in the future, but only when I have discovered new things of course. I want to keep it interesting for all of you.



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