How to get over a bad day

Sometimes you just have one of those days that you don’t feel all too well. Maybe something happened that makes you feel bad, maybe you’re not feeling well, maybe you’re nothing is going the way you want them to go. There can be so many reasons why you’re having a bad day. But luckily there are also many ways to cheer yourself up. I’m going to give some tips on how to get over a bad day. Honestly, I’m also doing this as a little reminder for me to look at when I’m having a bad day.

  • Have dinner with your friends. This might sound like I’m saying you should eat your feelings, which I’m not really, but honestly I think having dinner with a bunch of people or some of your best friends already makes your day better. When everything is not going as planned or you’re just not having the best day, having dinner with your friends can be a positive activity which will brighten up your day.
  • Set goals for yourself. Sometimes you have to reflect and refocus yourself. What I like to do is instead of having a big goal you want to reach in the end, I like to set smaller goals for myself, like weekly or day to day goals. When you see your overall goal and you know you’re not there yet or not even close, that can be very upsetting. So it is better to take little steps and focus on that, and eventually you’ll see that you are getting closer to your big goals.
  • Clean and organize. When you are organizing and cleaning your living space you are literally making space for new things in your life. Also, isn’t it the best feeling when you’ve had a stressful day at work or school and you come home to a clean and organized space. It makes everything a little less stressful.
  • Treat yourself. Have a little pampered time session for yourself. Create a little spa in your own bathroom. If you have a bathtub take a bath, put on a facemask, light some candles, put on some calming music. You’ll instantly feel so much more relaxed. Also, showers can be the best thing at the end of the day too. It is kind of like showering all your worries away before you go to bed.
  • Talk to your friends. Sometimes you just need to be open and a little vulnerable and let everything out, so that you don’t have to deal with your problems all by yourself. It is so easy to overanalyze everything and makes it all a bigger deal than it really is. Talk to someone of who you know they are understanding and want to listen to what you have to say. Don’t keep everything to yourself.
  • Have a hobby. I know for myself this really works. I myself have been playing tennis for about 15 years now. I used to play a lot, but because of school and just growing up I don’t have the time to play that often anymore. However, I still play at least once a week. Playing tennis for me is like a little escape from all the things that are going on in my life at the moment. When I’ve had a stressful week I need an outlet. It is just me with my friends on the court, giving it everything I have and not think about anything else.
    For me tennis is my stress relieve, for you it can be another type of sport, or maybe cooking, or painting, or hiking. Find what works for you!
  • Go on a trip. This doesn’t mean you have to go on a super expensive vacation somewhere far away. Sometimes a little day trip to a local place you have never been to is already good enough. Go explore new things with your friends. Have a little day away from home and discover the world. Just find yourself in a place where you’re not reminded of stressful things that are going and where you can drop all your worries of your shoulder. Enjoy yourself for a little bit every once in a while.
  • Put everything in perspective. If you’re having a bad day and you feel confused about everything that is going on, it is sometimes good to put everything in perspective. Just think about what your problems are and see if they are really that bad. Sometimes things seem really bad at the time, but most of the time you look back at the problems you had and you realize they weren’t bad at all.

So these are just a few tips to get over a bad day. I hope you enjoyed reading them and that these might come in handy. I know for sure that I need to look back on these tips for myself and just think about if my problems really are that bad and how I can be more positive in life. I always try to make the most out of every situation and try to make more space for positivity and get rid of negativity. Just remember that it is all about how you handle things and how you look at everything.



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