Sneaker love

Ow nooo, I have a new obsession: Sneakers! I have never really been the kind of girl with 20 pairs of sneakers is their closet. For some reason I always thought it was nothing for me. The closest I’ve come to sneakers are converse, which don’t really count in my opinion. Everyone has at least one pair of converse.

In my latest favorites post I talked about the Puma suede sneakers I bought. I’ve been wearing them like crazy. They are so comfortable, and I really think they suit me as well. So guess what I did. I bought new sneakers! They are the Nike Roshe one kind in all black with a black and white sole. If you follow me on my Instagram or Pinterest you might have seen them. I am obsessed! They are so different from what I would always wear. The reactions I get from people are funny too. They tell me that it is so not me, but in a way it is too.

e578409a3a70f7f4ed83010733b2b373Also, I now understand why people own that many pairs of sneakers. They are addictive. There are so many new and different types that there is always some that you like. I already have my eyes on some new ones. They are the Adidas NMD R1 in Vapor Pink. I think I first saw them on Pinterest, and after a while I saw them everywhere. I never thought I would ever say that I want to buy Pink sneakers, LOL. Or sneakers in general, really.

What do you think? Are you as much of a fan of sneakers? Don’t get me wrong, I still love my loafers, my cute summer heeled sandals and my boots in the winter. But at the moment I’m all about that sneaker life!



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  1. nina webb says:

    They are indeed addictive! So comfy and now you can get such cute fashionable ones like those pink ones, they’re everywhere! Xo

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