Fun things about Fall

I know guys, it has been way too long since I wrote my last post. I have been busy with work and then classes started. The weather has been amazing the last few weeks which is also a reason why I haven’t been writing any new blog posts. I try to enjoy it as much as I can now that it’s still so warm.

But to be completely honest, for some reason I am kind of done with the summer now. I don’t mind when it is warm and sunny outside if I don’t have anything to do and I can really enjoy the weather. But now that my school has started and I mostly sit inside in classrooms or in my room to do schoolwork, I don’t want it to be this warm. I then feel guilty for the fact that I’m sitting inside all the time.

I am so ready for fall. Just imagine it being a little chillier outside, but not that cold that you’re freezing your but off. Just imagine coming home and snuggling up in a blanket, watch movies and not feel guilty for not being outside. Ugh, I can’t wait for that time. I made a little list of reasons why fall is one of the best seasons:

  • Fall fashion: I love wearing layers on layers. Just think of the crispness of the air and how you can dress for that. Boots, leggings, plaid, knits, scarves and cute jackets. I am so ready for it.
  • Scented candles: Of course there are nice scented candles for the spring and summer, but there is something about lighting a candle that reminds you of warm fuzzy socks, firewood, brown leafs, crispy mornings, and all that. I don’t really like the sweet scents though, you know the ones that are like marshmallow and cookies, but those feel like Christmas scents to me anyways. I like the ones that smell like trees and the woods. Aaah I am so tempted to buy some online, right now!
  • Movies: Let’s be honest, the movies that come out in the fall and winter are usually better than the ones that come out during the summer. I cannot wait for this year’s new movies. I haven’t looked at what is coming out soon, but we’ll see. I’m sure they’re going to be good. And if there aren’t any good ones in the cinemas, it is still fun to sit on the couch under a blanket, snuggle up and watch a movie that you’ve probably seen a million times.’
  • Nature: Seeing the leafs on the trees change color is a magical thing every year. It doesn’t matter that we’ve seen a happen a thousand times. It still is something very beautiful. Just imagine all the fun photos you can take! You’re Instagram feed is going to be on another level.


Of course there are so many other fun things about fall. I will definitely be writing about the. Also, I will try to post more frequently again. I have been so busy, sorry guys. I hope you enjoyed this one. If you did hit that little like button so I can see you liked it!



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