I thought it would be fun to show you my outfit of the day, and talk a little bit about it.

My style has changed a little over the last year. I am way more conscious about the things I buy. I used to buy all the T-shirts that I saw and I thought were cute, which were usually ones with prints or graphic Tees. But every time I cleaned out my closet those were the items that I would throw out without even thinking about it twice. It was always the basic items I would keep and I would wear for years. And that is something I have definitely learned from. My style is definitely not trendy. I don’t really like trends. With trends you buy something that you love right now, and in a few months you’re already tired of it. At least, that’s how it goes with me. And something I have really been struggling with is the facts that almost all stores only have trends that they sell. It took me literally 3 years to find the boots I am wearing in the pictures, because all I could find were black short booties, over the knee boots, or boots that had the color I was looking for but had a huge heel. Not really my thing.

So I like to stick with the classics. As you can see in my outfit of the day, I am wearing a denim blouse with a cable knitted sweater, a pair of black skinny jeans and brown/cognac rider boots. These kinds of outfits are pretty simple, but I think they always look well put together. I like that the blouse under the sweater makes it a little preppy so it’s not too casual, and I always wear jewelry that can go with any outfit.




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  1. Love your outfit, it looks so cozy! ❤

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