November playlist

I am writing this in a hurry because I am leaving to Manchester in 20 minutes. I couldn’t not post a monthly playlist right now, otherwise it would be way too late to post one when I come back. So here is my playlist for November.

This month I went to a concert of….Thomas Rhett!! I was so excited and I had been looking forward to it since I booked the tickets. It was everything I expected and more. Thomas Rhett is such a big artist in the US, but in Europe country music isn’t that popular. He did a Europe tour with Amsterdam as the last show, which I went to. I didn’t know until two days before the concert that his father Rhett Akins was doing the pre-show. Best surprise! Two amazing artists and I got to see them live. And the advantage of them not being that big in the Netherlands is that the show was more intimate. I was standing so close to the stage, it was just amazing. I don’t think I ever stopped smiling during the show. Here are some photos I took. Maybe I’ll post some videos later!




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