2017 New Year’s resolutions

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It is 2017!! I hope you all had a great Christmas, and an amazing New Year’s. I sure had a good one. I spend it with friends and family. I had a lot of nights out, which I am now still recovering from a little bit. Fortunately for me I am working 4 times this week and I have a ton of school work to do, so I will be back on track soon. I do better when I have things to do. Can’t wait for everything to start again!

This is going to be a post you are maybe tired of seeing already: My New Year’s resolutions. Yes, I do have them. Sometimes I think having resolutions can be a bit ridiculous because I already know I am not going to succeed, or I forget about them. That is why my little list now is a bit different than previous years. They are more about the way I think about things instead of me doing something or accomplishing something.

  1. Appreciate more. I am writing this while looking at the sky that now has a yellow orange tone to it, because of the sunset. I’ve been catching myself just staring at the sky or out the window in the train and the only thing I can think is: How is it all so dang beautiful? It makes me want to explore. I want to have more moments like that, in places I haven’t seen yet.
  2. Be more in the moment. Sometimes I can be so busy that I am just working on things without being purposeful. It all sort of goes by automatically, day after day. And then suddenly you’ve gone through another week and you have no idea what you’ve been doing. It feels like a waste of time. I want more memorable moments, even if that is on days when I am only working.
  3. Get on that #HealthTrain. This one seems a little standard, but I know I can do this. I can get motivated to eat more healthily. Over the last two weeks I have noticed that the way I eat really affects my skin. I’ve always had some skin problems and I never really figured out why that was. But since I’ve been eating less sugary things I’ve noticed my skin was also clearing up. Now that I’ve been home for a while for the holidays and I eat all that, whatever I can get my hands on, my skin is acting up again. So that is definitely a reason to eat healthy.
  4. Stop making excuses for not doing fun things. It is so easy to say that I can’t do something because I have to work for school or I have to work in the weekends. I have to make it a habit to actually consider doing something different, like going on little trips. This also has to do with point number one and two, to appreciate more and be more in the moment. I don’t want to have the feeling that I am letting every day just go by and not ever do anything different. I want to create more memories and see more of the world. Even if that is just in the Netherlands. Sometimes different is good, and there shouldn’t be an excuse.

I am really excited for 2017, knowing that I have some good and exciting things ahead of me. Let’s do this!



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