I am a procrastinator

I’ve really been into watching Ted talks lately. Maybe something I shouldn’t be spending all my time on because I have many other things to do. I convince myself it is not that bad because these talks are educational and I’ll learn from them. But I secretly know that I am procrastinating when I’m watching them. And when that thought came to my mind I saw there was a Ted talk about procrastination. How appropriate, right? So of course, being the procrastinator as I am, I clicked on it and watched it. This guy Tim Urban explained what goes on in the head of a procrastinator. Everything he said was so recognizable. I knew exactly what he was talking about and what he meant by the things he explained.

I am still a student. I have many deadlines and somehow I always allow myself to get to the point that I have to do everything at the last minute. This is nothing new for me, I’ve always done this. Many times I wanted to change this. I say to myself: “Okay, I need to plan my work better and start earlier.” This I try but somehow I always fail. It is like I need the pressure of knowing I need to do it now or it will be too late. I can be more productive and I can think clearer, because there is no time for distractions.

What Tim Urban says about deadlines is recognizable. I leave everything to the last minute. A few days before the deadline my panic monster starts acting up and I am suddenly able to do anything. But then he also talked about that there are no actual deadlines in life. That made me panic a little bit. I need that pressure to get things done. How will I get anything done when no one gives me a deadline? That is when planning comes in handy and is very important. You need to make deadlines for yourself and you can only do that if you have a plan. That was a problem for me….I’ve never had a plan. That’s because I don’t look further than my deadlines. I have to learn how to not be a procrastinator.

I know I already wrote a post about my New Year’s resolutions, but I now think I could’ve added “better planning, less procrastinating” to the list. That is certainly something I could work one, and I will put effort into doing that.


If you haven’t seen the Ted talk by Tim Urban about procrastinating I recommend you do so. Click HERE for the link. Let me know what you think, and if you recognize yourself in this talk as well.



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  1. FelixJuel says:

    There are certainly worse things to be doing when procrastinating!

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