January playlist

Wait what? Am I really posting a new monthly playlist? Yes, I am. I know I skipped December, but that had to do with Christmas and all the other things I was busy with. I didn’t really listen to any new music I could post for you guys. I don’t think it is that interesting for you to see a playlist of songs that you guys have already seen. Or am I wrong?

I haven’t been really good at posting lately. The last one I wrote was a little piece called “Your life is your life”, which feels like I wrote that ages ago. And for that I apologize guys. I promise I’ll be more consistent from now on. Or at least I’ll try.

But enough about that, you guys want to see what I’ve been listening to right? Well, here’s my January playlist. Enjoy!


I had to write a little separate part for an artist I have been loving lately. I am talking about Brett Young. Brett is an amazing upcoming country artist. I have always loved his song “sleep without you”, and when I discovered that song I had to see what other songs he had. I have been subscribed to his YouTube channel for a while now on which he posted all these original songs, which aren’t on Spotify (yet). It is amazing to see that he’s working on so many new songs and see how much success he is getting. It is artists like him that really deserve it. Y’all should definitely have a listen.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Sky Britnei says:

    Love love love the music choices !!!!!!


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