I thought a little outfit of the day post for today was a good idea. Especially since I love the cardigan that I’m wearing. I got it from the Sting. If you live in the Netherlands you know the store. I’ve talked a lot about my style. I usually love the classic outfits. But every once in a while I also love wearing a statement piece. I think this cardigan is definitely one. In the beginning I wasn’t sure if I liked it that much. But every time I wore it I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it which makes me more and more happy that I bought it.

With items like this I like to pair it with basics. In today’s outfit I’ve chosen a simple v-neck ribbed shirt from Asos and cropped black jeans from Pieces. The shoes are from van Haren, which were a total bargain. I believe I only paid 30 euros for them, and they’re those kind of shoes you can wear to almost any occassion. They have a wide heel which makes them super comfortable to wear and still make you look stylish in a way.

I really like the idea of posting my outfits. You’ll definitely see me post more of these.



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