No Valentine? No problem!

It is Valentine’s day! “Yaaay” for some people. “Oh no” for all the single people. Are you also single like me and you do not have a Valentine’s day date? That is totally fine. Why is it that we make this day more special than any other day? If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, everyday should be like Valentine’s day right? To be honest, it is just one big commercial thing when flower shops have one of their busiest days, and chocolates swoop of the shelves. I know I know, you’re probably thinking I’m saying all of this because I’m single. And maybe that is true. But being single on Valentine’s doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. I’m going to tell you all the things you can do when you don’t have a date.

  1. Have a lunch or dinner date with your best friend. That is what I am doing tonight. We are going to be those friends having dinner who are surrounded by all the couples, and we don’t care.
  2. Have a girl’s night in. Plan fun activities to do with your friends. Do all the typical girly things like putting on facemasks, watch a romantic comedy or a Nicholas Sparks movie, eat lots of food and drink yummy drinks. Just forget what day it is and do fun things.
  3. Have a girl’s night out. I can promise you there are tons of Valentine’s day deals in the bars. Dress up, put makeup on, go out and find those happy hours.
  4. Go babysitting. Do you need a little extra cash? Luckily there are tons of couples with children that want to go out but can’t find a babysitter. Make sure people know you are available on that day and encourage them to go out. This is a win for everyone: the couple can spend a little time alone away from their children, and you earn some money doing a fun job.
  5. Shopping! If you weren’t single you would spend money on your date by giving them gift. But you’re single, so you don’t have to spend money on anyone else. So, spend it on yourself! Buy new makeup, buy new shoes, buy that dress that has been stuck in your head since the day you saw it hanging in the store. Just do it (not a Nike reference).
  6. Binge watch your favorite series. There are so many fun series to watch on Netflix. When you don’t have anything to do, that is the perfect option. I know I know, it is not productive in any way at all, but if you want time to go by really fast, switch on your TV or grab your laptop, put on Netflix and by the time you know it you’ve almost watched an entire season of your favorite show. Don’t feel guilty about it, today is the day you’re allowed to do it.
  7. Be productive. Treat this day like any other. Plan ahead what you want to do and actually do it. I’ve already been productive today: I’ve worked on a school report, I’ve been to school, and now I am writing this. Yes, I see blogging as productivity as well. Sometimes doing something for yourself is also being productive.
  8. Go offline. Take this opportunity to not go on social media. Having a little break from it is always a good idea. And I know that you’ve probably thought about doing this sometime, so why not today. You don’t want to see all those couples sharing their love on the internet with everyone anyways, right? Switch everything off and don’t go on your phone. Just take the day to focus on yourself.
  9. Take a workout class. Going to a class means you’ll be spending time with other people. It also means you’re on the #HealthTrain, which is always a good idea. Go to a Zumba class, a spinning class, a dance class, or crossfit.
  10. Eat your favorite food. And be happy you don’t have to share it with anyone else and you can eat it all yourself.

So, no reason to be sad you don’t have a date on this day. It really doesn’t matter. There are so many other fun things and really it is just another Tuesday.

Do you have any plans for today? Let me know what they are by leaving a little comment.



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