My everyday jewelry

I think an outfit is not complete without some nice jewelry. Jewelry is something you can use to make the way you look a more personal style. Just think of this: Have a three people wear the same little black dress. One of them has no accessories or jewelry, one is wearing a scarf and the third one is wearing jewelry like a necklace, a bracelet and a ring. The accessories are what make every look look different, but still they’re wearing the same dress. That is what I like so much about jewelry.

I’ve had a time when I would buy everything and anything I liked at that moment. I did not really have one particular style in that area. I liked colorful things, gold and silver, very subtle jewelry or statement pieces. It was pretty much all over the place. Now, I really know what I like. For me it is all about the timeless and classic pieces, which will you won’t easily get bored of. Again with the “not fan of trends” thing. I wanted to share with you my favorite jewelry I wear every day.

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I never go out the house without my earrings, so I think that is a good one to start with. The earrings I wear are always pearl type earrings. I say pearl type because not all of them are real pearls. I have had many people say: Oh Chantal with her pearl earrings. I guess it is something people do associate with me, which I think is a funny thing. Without having earring in I feel like something is missing. I think that is because I don’t know any better than having earrings in. I had my ears pierced when I was still a baby. Many people would say that is a bad thing for parents to do because their child has no say in it, but I am so happy my parents did make that decision when I was still so little. I love it!

My next jewelry item I try to wear every day is my ring. This ring is from Otazu. To be honest I never heard of the brand when I came across this one. I was looking for a ring that would be like a little statement piece and I could wear every day. A lot of rings I saw were a little too much for me, which I also like very much, but for and everyday kind of thing I wanted it to be a little more subtle. The ring has a chain look on top which I love, and it has very tiny Swarovski stones in between which are so subtle you’ll only see when you look at it very carefully. They are not the typical Swarovski crystals, which I am pretty happy about because I am not that much into sparkles and bling. When I am not wearing this ring I can still feel it on my finger. That is how much I wear it.

My bracelets are my next everyday pieces. They are really nothing special. It is not a particular well-known brand, but they kind of look like the jewelry Buddha to Buddha has. They are two stainless steel bracelets, one is a chain bracelet and the other is a bangle. They came together as a set and I always wear them together. What I love about them is that they’re real statement pieces which go with everything.

Then, the last accessory/jewelry item I wear every day is my watch. It is a Daniel Wellington watch which I got from my parents for Christmas, and I love it. DW watches are so classic and timeless, and I love that you can easily change the band. The ones I got with mine are the dark brown leather one you see on the photo which is called the St Mawes, and then I also have the Southampton band which is blue, white and pink. I’ve only worn the leather band now, but when it’s spring and summer I am planning on wearing the Southampton.

What I love about all these pieces I’ve talked about is that I don’t have to think in the morning whether they go with my outfit or not. They always do, and that’s why I love them so much. Let me know if you have anything like this. I would love to see them!



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  1. Vinita says:

    You’re soo pretty! Love the jewelry as well

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    1. Thank you! That is so sweet of you 😄

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