March playlist

We are already at the end of the month March. I have to say: It’s been a good one. It is finally starting to look like spring and just the thought of that makes me so excited. It means better weather, fun clothes, being outside as much as you can, and everyone seems to be in a better mood. One other that cannot be missed in this tike of the year is music. There’s something about just sittimg outside in the sun with good music playing in the background. It gives you that vacation vibe feeling. I’m all for it.

Here is my playlist with the songs I’ve been listening to a lot in the last month. Enjoy! Also, I have a little extra something I want to talk about after you’ve listened to the playlist.

In March I’ve done some fun things. But the highlight has to be that I went to a Maren Morris concert. Maren Morris has to be one of my favorite artists at the moment. She’s this badass country rock chick who’s so down to earth and has songs I could listen to all day.

I found she was coming to Amsterdam when I was looking for fun country concerts. Last november I went to Thomas Rhett which was also in Amsterdam. I also knew Darius Rucker was coming to play, so I figured there should be more singers who’d come to play in Amsterdam. And I was right! At the end of January I saw that Maren was coming which blew my mind. I ordered the tickets almost right away. I literally texted a friend and said: Hey, Maren Morris is coming to the Netherlands and you are coming with me, I’ll order the tickets, Thanks bye. No joke, that’s how excited I was.

Country music is not a thing at all in Europe. So when artists like Maren come here I’ll make sure I can go. It might be the only chance to see them live. And I sure don’t regret going to Maren Morris!

She now has her new album out which is the HERO Deluxe Edition. These are all the songs from her HERO album, but 3 songs are added to it, which are really good as well.




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