Review: Garnier Whole blends nourishing mask with avocado oil & shea butter extracts

On this blog I am still called the curly girl, so it is only appropriate to talk about hair. My hair has not been looking that healthy lately. You could just see how it was thirsty for moisture. I didn’t do anything different to it, but because it was growing longer it needed extra attention. I have never really been looking into different hair products that much, but I definitely am interested into doing so. I watch curly hair videos on YouTube all the time. As a matter of fact I actually just finished watching a video of FrogirlGinny. She has some amazing curls, and she had to put a lot of effort in it to make it look like that. Girls like her make me want to go through that journey, but I know it will take a lot of time and patience, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

However, what I was ready for was to take care of the dry parts of my hair. A lot of people always tell me I have such nice curls, but that’s because my hair is so different than theirs and they don’t really know they’re not as nice as they could be. I have a lot of straight parts which I want to be curly as well. And the ends were dry as I said before, which I wanted to do something about. So, I went to the store and saw this (I guess) new hair mask by Garnier.

It was the Garnier Whole blends nourishing mask with avocado oil and shea butter extracts. I already had the thought of using a hair mask in mind to fix the problem and when I saw this I instantly wanted to try it. So I picked up the mask, and after using it a few times I also picked up the shampoo from the same line.

Avocados are really good for dry hair. It’s because of the high-fat content that your hair will be less dry and you’ll experience less breakage.
Shea butter can be considered as a natural conditioner for your hair. Just like avocados it moisturizes and heals dry hair.

When you put these two together you’ll have the ultimate product for dry hair. That was the whole reason I wanted to try it out. And I can honestly say that I’m not disappointed. I did give my hair a little trim before using it the first time, which already made a huge difference, and after that I used the mask. My hair felt so soft after using it, and my curls were more defined. Also, not to forget, it smells really nice. I don’t like products that have a heavy smell, even if it is a nice scent, but this one is very soft and subtle. I just realized  how hard it is to describe a scent haha.

So, if you are in the search of a nice hair mask I definitely recommend using this one. For all the curly girls out there: Try it!

Let me know if you’ve used this product before and what your thoughts on it are. I’d love to know and read your opinions!


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