Is it fall yet?

A lot of people get annoyed with me every time I say I’m excited for fall. They’re like: What are you saying, it hasn’t even really been summer yet. And that is exactly the reason why I want it to be fall. This year the summer doesn’t even feel like summer. In the Netherlands we can get hot summers, but this year that has not been the case at all. As I’m writing this and looking out the window, all I see is a grey cloudy sky with no sunshine. It’s not cold, but it isn’t warm either. It’s the kind of weather everyone gets confused of what they should wear. You see some people wearing long sleeves or jackets, and then there’s also people wearing t shirts, dresses and even shorts. At this point, I am just ready to go into fall.

I’ve written some posts in which I explained what I love about fall so much. It’s basically all fashion related. Well, not it’s not all about fashion. I also love the whole cozy feeling of the season. But fashion is the main reason. I think summer clothing can be very cute. I love wearing dresses, cute tops with shorts, open shoes and flats and all that. But at some point I get a little bored with it. I like to layer clothes. I love the whole look of flannels with knitted sweaters, vests, brown riding boots and scarves. Just the thought of it makes me look forward to fall even more.

For outfit inspiration I like to look on Pinterest, and that is what I’ve been doing the last couple of days. Also, every time I look in my closet I see the piles of knits, sweaters and flannel shirts, and I just can’t wait to wear them already. I’m so happy that I decided to only buy classic timeless items for my wardrobe a few years back, because I still love what I have hanging on the hanger.

However, there are still some pieces missing from my wardrobe. I have been in search for a nice turtleneck knitted sweater for so long. In stores I can never find them. Turtlenecks are back in trend, but they are not the ones I’ve been looking for. What you see are tight shirts that have a little turtleneck, either with short or long sleeves. What I want is a very chunky knitted cozy sweater, preferably in a white, creamy or sand color. Or is this all too much to ask for? Any ideas where I can get one? Let me know!

Also, I still need a nice vest. I’ve been looking online because I know they don’t have the ones I want in the stores. At least not at the ones in my area. I might have to look in a different city. The ones that I’ve been seeing everywhere online are obviously the J.Crew ones. And I actually love them a lot. The thing is, I don’t want to just order one, I want to try it on first. I have to look up where I they sell them in the Netherlands so I can see how they fit me. JCrew has many different ones in different colors. I was first thinking about a navy blue one, preferably with some brown leather detailing like suede patches on the shoulders and brown leather lining. But scrolling through Pinterest for too long, it made me fall in love with the classic herringbone one a little. But again, I want to see them in real life first before I decide to purchase one. So the hunt goes on!



Okay, I think that is enough fall fashion talk. Maybe I should wish for a little more sunshine these last weeks of the summer break before the normal life starts again, so I can enjoy it for a little longer. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s excited for fall….right? haha



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  1. J | Beauty's Expert Amateur says:

    Oh giiirl I love fall! That in-between period where it’s neither too hot nor too cold, and it’s time to bust out the berry lipsticks and eyeshadows! Love it xx

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  3. I am beyond ready for fall. It’s my favorite season overall and the absolute best for fashion! I can’t wait to bust out my sweaters, boots, scarves and a nice pumpkin spice candle! xox

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