The patterned tights

I have definitely been watching way too much Gossip Girl lately, because I am becoming slightly obsessed with their fashion. I mean, one of the biggest reasons why the show was/is such a big hit is the clothing. Who doesn’t dream of heaving all those gorgeous clothes in their wardrobe? I surely do! What I love so much is that every character has their own style. But something I couldn’t ignore that every female character wears in the show, are printed tights.

I know one of the biggest trends at the moment are fishnet tights. Those are not the tights I’m talking about. I’m definitely not a fan of fishnet tights. I am talking about the ones Blair Waldorf, Serena Van der Woodsen and even the minions wear. Let’s be clear here. I don’t mean the brightly colored tights they wore in the first few seasons. I liked them on the characters, but I’m not a fan to wear them myself.

So, as I always do when I see something that interests me, I went on an internet search. And I can tell you, they’re harder to find than I thought. Usually Asos is a webshop which has ALL different kinds of clothing and styles. They literally have something for everyone. But the options for patterned tights on Asos were very limited. I saw about 7 pairs that looked similar to the ones they’d wear in the show. But not all of them I liked. So, my search continued.

What I discovered is that there is a whole world of tights out there. I didn’t know there were so many different ones available. The reason for that is that no one who I know ever really wore them. I loved going through them and seeing what’s out there. Something I didn’t like that much, were the prices… Tights are usually not the clothing item I want to splurge on. I can definitely say I buy them thinking they’re not going to last for a long time. I’m a little clumsy, I get stuck to things and they get torn. I need to make sure that when I find a nice pair of patterned tights, I am a little careful with them

Now, it’s time to show you which tights are the ones I am talking about (click on the photo’s to get a better look at the). Definitely let me know what you think of them. Is it something you’d wear, or do you think it’s an item to stay away from? I’m curious.




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  1. Retrocasual says:

    I love patterned tights and certain colour tights too, have been wearing them for years. At the moment my favourite is a pair of grey and white patterned fairisle tights

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    1. Those sound really nice. I like that you love them so much as well! 😉


  2. justmylifeandthoughtsblog says:

    Hahaha same about the Gossip Girl! Ben jij trouwens ook Nederlands?

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    1. Gossip girl blijft een goede inspiratie bron haha.
      Jaja, zeker weten 😊

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      1. justmylifeandthoughtsblog says:

        Leuk! 😊😊

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  3. I love the look of patterned tights. I have no idea if I could pull them off, but the black ones are too cute!

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  4. Loving the patterned tights look! I think they’re perfect for the fall weather.

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