Essential products I always keep in my bag

If you ask me what I carry in my bag, I will always name these four products. I am talking about the essential products I cannot leave the house without. They’re nothing special, in my opinion, but when I forget them I get a little annoyed.

Lip balm
The first product in my lip balm. I am that person who is maybe a little addicted to putting on lip balm. I know you shouldn’t put it on too often, and I try not to, but when I forget my lip balm it is a little bit of a crisis. Having dry lips is one of the worst feelings to have.
The lip balm I use is the ‘Smooth Operator’ by Rituals. It has shea butter, eucalyptus and vitamin E in it, but also a lot of other natural oils. I feel like this lip balm always makes my lips feel nourished, and I don’t know what feeling is better than that.

Hand cream/body lotion
Especially now that it’s getting colder, some type of hand cream is an essential to keep in your bag. I am now using a body lotion as a hand cream. Usually I don’t do that because body lotions are not as thick in consistency as hand creams are, but I am just obsessed with the one I am using right now. It is the ‘Burberry Brit’ body lotion. I am not sure if it is called that way actually… It came with the perfume which I got (kind of stole) from my mom, and this is from way back. Anyways, the scent is so nice, which is one of the biggest reasons I am using. I am almost through the little tube, so I’m going to have to find a real hand cream soon. If you have any suggestions I’d like to hear them. I know Rituals has some good ones as well.

I like to smell nice. And I think people also appreciate it when I smell nice. That’s why I keep a bottle of perfume in my bag. The scent I am loving now is ‘Black Opium’ by Yves Saint Laurent. I got it from my mom last Christmas, and I am almost through the bottle. I think I’ve been putting it on almost every day. I get a lot of compliments on it, so I guess that’s a sign others like it as well. When I’ve finished this bottle I am definitely purchasing a new one. Love love love.

To stay in the theme of smelling nice, my last product is a deodorant stick. The one I use is the ‘Dry Comfort Anti-perspirant Stick plus’ by Nivea.  It’s an anti-perspirant stick, which I love more than deodorant sprays. This one contains no alcohol and it suitable for every skin type. It’s really nothing special, and the scent is not strong. But that is exactly what I like about it. I like my deodorant to be a neutral smell, but does the job, and my perfume to be the dominant scent.

There are more things I keep in my bag, but these products are just the essentials I need to have with me.  A while back I did a little post on what I carry on my back. You can click HERE to read that post!


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