Review: False lash butterfly wings mascara by L’oréal Paris

I’ve been using the same mascara for two years now, and I thought it was about time to try a new one. The one I’ve been using is the ‘Rimmel London Wonder’Full wake me’ up mascara. I love how much volume and length this mascara gives. I think it most had to do with the shape of the wand and how the bristles look and brush through your lashes. The first time I used it I believe it was just out, and I was so impressed. Since then I never thought of buying another one.

But in the last 2 weeks my mascara started to dry up and it was almost empty. What I like to do to ‘wake up’ the mascara again is put it in a cup of boiled water. This however only works a few times, and at some point it is just dead and it’s time to buy a new one. I could have done the obvious thing and repurchase the same one again, but I wanted to try something new. So, what I do when I want to try something new is research it a little bit before buying a product. This time I went on Pinterest and just looked up ‘mascara’ and I came across this photo that had all different types of L’oréal Paris  mascaras and what they do to your lashes. One that caught my attention was the one that said it would make you lashes fanned out and give it volume. It’s called the ‘False lash wings’ with butterfly effect fibers. The reason why this spoke to me is because of what the wand of the Rimmel London one looks like and what that one does to my lashes. The brush on that one had bigger parts on both ends which makes your lashes fan out. I love that look, especially when your lashes are fanned out on the outer corner of your eyes. The L’oréal Paris mascara is meant to do that even more, so I knew I had to try it!

When I first got it and opened it up, I wasn’t too sure about the type of brush. I liked the shape of it, but I’ve never really liked those hard plastic brushes. However, when I first used it I was sold. The whole idea of the plastic brush and its fine bristles is to be more precise in applying it. It also gives a more natural look, and it still gives you the length that you want.

False lash wings

I love the ‘False lash wings’ mascara, but there is something that I had to get used to with this. It doesn’t give as much instant volume as I am used to with the ‘Wonder’full wake me up’ mascara. I have been putting multiple layers on top of each other to build up the volume a bit. It’s really not something to be complaining about, because it does what it promises. It gives a nice butterfly effect.


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