How to wear: A houndstooth blazer

I have been on the search for the perfect houndstooth blazer for such a long time. The one I really wanted is the JCrew Houndstooth Rhodes blazer. The colors on this blazer are perfect: Brown, blue, and beige. The fit is so nice, and it looks so classic. The only problem I had was that I can’t buy it anywhere nearby where I live. There are no JCrew stores or stores that sell JCrew. At least none that I have discovered. Before I’d buy a piece like the JCrew houdstooth Rhodes blazer I want to make sure it actually fits perfectly. If I can’t try it on, I am not so likely to buy it. Especially when I know I am going to spend a little more money on it than on other things. It has to be right.

So what I do in a situation like that is look for an alternative. Right now the houndstooth print on blazers are a big trend. The only problem is that the colors are usually grey, black and white, and the fit on the blazers aren’t a tight fit but very oversized. I would also preferably want a single breasted blazer instead of a double breasted which you see everywhere now. Finding the right colors and the right fit was such a struggle. I actually couldn’t find one until just last week. It wasn’t even one that looked that much like the JCrew I’ve been looking for, but It still looked very nice. You’ll never guess where I got it: H&M… Yup, I’m dead serious. They had a blazer in houndstooth print, brown with black and beige, unfortunately no blue. The fit is quite nice, not tight fitted but definitely not oversized. Also, it is double breasted, but with this blazer I don’t mind it that much.

I was so happy that I finally found a blazer which looked different than the ones that are in trend now, and which somewhat looked like the one I’ve been looking for. So when I came home and showed my mom what I got, she told me she had a blazer that looked similar. She showed me hers, which she’d never worn and actually never intended to wear, and it looked so much like the JCrew I’ve been looking for. I got a little mad and annoyed because I’ve been talking about finding one for months, and she had it all this time. It had everything: It was a tight fit, the print was a brown, blue and beige houndstooth, it was single breasted, and it even had the dark brown elbow patches. I immediately fell in love with that one, and I asked if I could have it. Luckily for me she never thought of keeping it for herself and I could have it. You have no idea how happy I was when I heard her say that!

So, now I suddenly had two blazers of which I thought I was never going to have them. At first I thought of returning the one I got at H&M, because the one I got from my mom looked more like what I’ve been looking for. But I still liked the first one I got, so I decided to keep it. I think this type of blazer with the brown colors look so classy and will never go out of style.

In the photos you can see that I combined the blazer with a denim shirt, jeans and brown leather boots. This look is so effortless and still put together, which I like most about it.



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  1. I really love your style of post and that you showed a couple examples and then how you chose to style it. I absolutely love the post, and really like how your styled your houndstooth blazer. It’s such a classic piece that’s perfect for any fall transition into winter outfit.

    megan |

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    1. Your comment made me smile. Thank you so much 😊
      I am all about the classic pieces. You can’t go wrong with those; it always looks nice!
      Thanks for reading x

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