How to: not overspend during the holidays

You’re probably Christmas shopping at the moment, or you’ve finished your shopping. You may have realized in the shops that there are so many good deals at the moment. But remember to not be a fool and spend every last penny you have. The marketing during these days are amazing, that’s the marketing student side of me speaking, but don’t get persuaded too much. You don’t want to start the new year realizing you’ve spend all your money in December. This will only make you stressed out, and that’s not a good way to start! So, I’m going to give you some tips on how not to overspend during the holidays.

Don’t feel bad about yourself
This may sound a little weird in the context of shopping. What I mean with this has to do with the marketing stores and brands are using. They’re often adds that make you feel like you are missing out on something because you don’t have a particular product. You don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t have something, that everyone else does have. This makes you want to buy the items. But do you really need it? Or better, do you even want it? Probably not. So don’t give in!

No impulse buying
During this time of year it is so easy to get tempted in buying anything you like. You are already in the shops to get everyone’s Christmas gifts. Don’t get distracted from that mission. Anything you like for yourself, you probably don’t need. You see that something is discounted and you want it. But let’s be honest here. Would you buy it if it wasn’t discounted? Or is that really the only appeal? Often it is the second thing. So, no impulse buying!

Remember what you already have
When you’re on a shopping high you often forget what you already own. At that moment you only know what you want. And wanting something doesn’t mean you need it. You’ll end up buying something you already have a similar version of. Of course when that happens you can still return the item. But often you forget to do this around this time of year. You are way too busy making it the best time for you and your family and friends. After the holidays you’ll probably fall back into your working mode and you’ll forget about the wrong purchases you made. Oops, too late to bring it back now…

Make sure to stick to these 3 tips if you don’t want to spend too much money on unnecessary things. But also remember to enjoy this time of year, and if that means treating yourself for something small, maybe just get it. Just don’t splurge!



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