DIY: Reusing candle glasses

I am a big fan of scented candles. The scents I tend to buy are very woodsy and fresh. I try to stay away from the very sweet smelling candles. They often make me feel a little nauseous after a while. The ones I’ve been buying were very cheap and from a Dutch store called Kruidvat. I am not so willing to spend a lot of money on a scented candle yet, because I haven’t found one that I love so much I need to have. So the ones I get are fine for me. I also think the glasses are actually very pretty. The colors are fairly neutral and the have subtle glitters in them. I would hate to just throw them away, when I know I can have more use out of them. What I’ve been seeing a lot on Pinterest and other blogs are that people reuse the Jo Malone glasses or the famous Diptyque ones. They are also very pretty to just have as decoration in your house. What I love to use mine for is as makeup brush holders. I love how the colors of the classes go with the colors of my makeup brushes, which are white with rose gold.

The way to clean out the candle wax out of the glasses was something I had to figure out a bit. I looked up some methods and found one that worked really well. I wanted to show you the way I do it!

  1. Boil water and fill the glasses up till the top
  2. Wait a couple of hours, or preferable overnight
  3. The candles wax has risen to the top and become solid. You can easy take it out not
  4. Now wash the glasses out
  5. They’re all ready to use!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. I always reuse the glass jars from my candles! They make such great makeup brush & trinket holders! Thanks for sharing! xo

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  2. Omg thanks for this post because i keep throwing away the glass of my candles!!

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    1. Aawh you’re welcome. No definitely keep the nice ones! You can use them for so many things 🤗

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