Clear out your wardrobe

I really love clearing out my closet, and I think I am one of the rare people who likes this. Luckily I don’t get too attached to the clothing I wear. If I feel that something doesn’t look that nice on me anymore, is over worn or is not my current style, I get rid of it. Are you someone who isn’t that easy in making the decisions of what to keep and what to toss? I’ve been two little lists you can use to make a it a bit easier.


  • Is the item a bit too big? Don’t throw it out yet. The oversized look is something that doesn’t go out of style soon. If a coat, jacket or a top is a bit too big on you, you can always style it with a waist belt. If you have a pair of jeans that look a little big in the legs, you can roll up the ends to make it look more stylish and you get that mom jeans look.
  • Invest in nice underwear and sleepwear. Stuff that makes you feel good and beautiful when you’re wearing it is going to make feel even better in your outfit.
  • Classic pieces. Always keep the things you think are timeless. I tend to only buy items that have that classic look about them. At least with those clothes I know I would still wear them 2 years from now or even later.
  • Timeless prints. When it comes to my closet I can be a bit of a neat freak. It is very organized. Everything that hangs is sorted by color. Everything that’s folded is sorted by sleeve length, color, and season. The keep the solid colors apart from the prints. And when I look at the prints pile, I almost only see stripes and flannel or plaid. In my opinion these prints are like neutrals.


  • Does it not fit anymore? Toss it
  • Is it over worn or does it have rips or holes in it? Get rid of it.
  • Shoes that are just sitting in your closet which are very nice, but they hurt your feet and even give you blisters. You know you’re not going to wear them, so there’s no point in keeping them.
  • Old lingerie, socks and pajamas. These are the things we often don’t look at when we’re clearing out our closet. But these items are also most of the times the things that are over worn and have holes in them. We always think, at least I always thing, that we cannot have enough of underwear. It’s true, but they shouldn’t look like they’re falling apart.
  • Toss the trends! Some trends will still be in style. But most of them come and go. Don’t keep them for too long if you know it’s something you bought because it was very on trend at the time.
  • Unpractical items. Sometimes you buy something because they look so gorgeous and you can see yourself wearing it, but it turns out to be unpractical or uncomfortable. You probably have a little bag which looks so nice with your favorite outfits, but you find them a bit too small to fit all your stuff in there or they’re unpractical in some other way. Don’t hold on to those. They are not decorations. You should be able to use it instead of just looking at it.

Remember that you don’t have to throw out all of the clothing. If they’re still looking nice and they are still wearable, you can sell or donate them.
Have fun and start your year with a fresh looking wardrobe.



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  1. marymatchy says:

    Totally needed! The more you have, the more difficult to find what to wear!
    Btw great blog, totally following! Hope you will find my blog of your taste as well😘🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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